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Our Process

Process-driven Methodology, Result-driven Solutions

To acquire expected and desired results it is necessary to follow a strict and Simplified process. We ensure our client’s 100% satisfaction in the development of mobile and software applications. To achieve our results, we are committed to follow vigorous methods.

To make your idea a reality we are devoted to the creation of a product that follows the favorable and easy-to-understand method which includes all the aspects of app development without hindering anyone’s feelings. We are highly dedicated to the transparent app development process.

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Twelfth Spring
Web, Mobile & Custom Software Development Company with a vision to deliver high quality custom Apps for Entrepreneurs and businesses.

How we Start ?

Before we convert your great idea into an amazing product, we make sure to follow and outline standard process and plans.

Sign NDA

We at 12th Spring always respect the privacy of our clients. Hence, our team agrees to sign NDA i.e. Non-Disclosure Agreement with the aim to keep your information confidential. We never disclose any information as per the agreement we sign with our clients.

Brain Storming & Discussion

We always remain ready to discuss with our clients. In this way, we together generate many innovative and radical ideas. Along with this, our team always applies brainstorming tactics directed towards creative process, team building and problem solving.

Scope Defined & Agreement

Scope of our offered services and agreement involve determination and documentation of a list containing specific project goals, tasks, deliverables, timelines and costs.

Project Kick-off & Team Introduction

We always take steps to setup a realistic task program to begin each project for our clients. In this way, you regularly stay updated with our team members and keep a track of each task we perform for your project.


As per our initial research work, we at 12th Spring perform a thorough analysis and prepare the necessary documents. In this way, we prepare an interactive design, while make sure to keep our clients connected with their visitors or customers with interactivity.


In the development process, we begin the coding work to convert your project into reality. Here, our 12th Spring team uses the best knowledge to create innovative solutions directed towards your specific company goals.

Quality Assurance

We perform QA i.e. Quality Assurance test at different stages to make sure that we are moving ahead in the right direction towards design/development. Based on our sound technical ability, we provide you a variety of solutions to test in varying environments.


Finally, we launch our client’s products with aspirations about fulfilling each of your specific requirements with the required functionality as well as the quality assurance.

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